Day Care


Modern day lifestyle and family structure are indeed way different from what it used to look a few years back. To be specific, with families getting limited within the couples child care has certainly become a tough aspect. Specifically, it becomes more challenging for working mothers. In such occasions, the young working couples looking for a school where their child can be perfectly taken care of. They remain in search of the best day care creche in Gurgaon. If you are also a parent with similar needs, we at Richmond Play School can provide you with the utmost accomplishment.

We take all-out care of your child, be it about addressing their sanitization needs or providing them with the nutrient-enriched diet. The best part about us is the thoroughly playful environments we maintain over here, making your child not miss the home. We address every single aspect that you as a mother would have done; even taking care of the power nap of your baby to taking care of their snacks needs. This makes us the best day care centre in Gurgaon at present.

The day to day schedules is prepared and administered by our in-house child care experts with huge experience. It’s not just about their physical health; we address your child’s mental and emotional health perfectly as well, through various activities like edudrama, art, nature walks, A.V. learning sessions, etc. Also, there remain explicit play hours as well for the children.

We at Richmond Play School, being the most prestigious day care centre in Gurgaon sector 24 assure utmost safety of the child. To assure the parents, we even provide live streaming links from our campus covered by high-end cameras.